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School of Family Studies and Human Services

Peer Mentor Program

HDFS has initiated a peer mentoring program as of the 2017-18 academic year. HDFS seniors Jaci Kolm (Pratt, KS), Lara Hoss (Salina, KS), Mallory Wilhite (Shawnee, KS) and Kaylee Seyferth (Garden City, KS) assist declared and prospective students with questions about the HDFS major and minor.

Topics may include tips on enrollment and scheduling classes, navigating degree requirements, explaining KSIS and DARS, questions about student life, and the variety of campus resources. Our peer mentors each offer their own unique perspective to the students with whom they meet. 

Peer Mentors 17

Our chosen peer mentors represent the diverse academic paths within the major. Their career interests range from Occupational Therapy and Couple & Family Therapy to working in non-profits and higher education. Peer Mentors are available every day of the week. Students may drop in to Justin 305, but are encouraged to make appointments or email them with specific questions.