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School of Family Studies and Human Services


Graduates of the program are highly recruited because of their academic preparation and their clinical flexibility for serving individuals in any environment (almost half of CSD program graduates seek initial employment in medical settings and the other half in school-based settings). Learn more about a first position experience:

Did You Know...

Rebecca Moore wrote an article for the ASHA Leader (2016) titled, "An Ugly Truth -

Klaire Mann Brumbaugh had an article published in Language, Speech, and Hearing Services in Schools (July, 2013) about the interventions that SLPs use for preschool-age children who have speech sound disorders. That article got special mention in From the Journals column in the ASHA Leader (November, 2013). The article, co-authored by Ann Bosma Smit, is entitled "Treating children ages 3-6 who have speech sound disorder: A survey."

Annelise Lund had an article published in the American Journal of Speech-Language Pathology in August of 2013. Its title is "Line Spread as a Visual Clinical Tool for Thickened Liquids." Co-authors include Jane Mertz Garcia and Edgar Chambers IV. The article was selected as an ASHA Professional Development continuing education exercise as well. 

The CSD program also has a Facebook page for current and future students and alumni.