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School of Family Studies and Human Services

Student Associate Organization (SAO)

What is SAO?

Student Associate Organization (SAO) is the student group that represents the current master's and doctoral students in the K-State CFT program. SAO is a student-run campus organization with a mission to assist students as they progress through their graduate studies.

What does SAO do?

  1. Coordinates social events to help students grow closer together, and maintain balance in their lives.
  2. Provides a voice to faculty by raising issues and providing feedback relevant to improving the experience of graduate students.

SAO hosts multiple fabulous program events.

To kick off the semester, students gather for a program wide welcome back barbeque. This is an opportunity for the existing cohorts to spend time together outside of the Campus Creek Complex and to welcome the new cohorts into our K-State family.

In December, SAO plans a graduation celebration for our December graduates. Faculty and students take this time to honor and celebrate the program's graduates by gathering for a potluck meal.

SAO closes up the year's events with a cookout to celebrate the spring graduates. The event allows everyone to relax outside and enjoy spending time with our graduates before they venture out into the work world.

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