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School of Family Studies and Human Services

Advising Center

In the School of Family Studies and Human Services, the Advising Center is staffed by two full-time professional advisors, Beth Stuewe and Suzanne Reese. The Advising Center is located in 305 and 306 Justin Hall. All general Family Studies and Human Services (FSHS) students are advised through the center along with a small portion of students in Early Childhood Education (ECE) and Communication Sciences and Disorders (CSD). While meeting with a professional advisor, students may be recommended a faculty mentor who can discuss professional issues and personal concerns with them.

During early enrollment, students will participate in either group or individual advising appointments. Students should come prepared to advising meetings with an idea of classes to take and any questions they may have.

Students are notified of advising announcements, issues and meetings on the university-generated student listserv and via email from the FSHS advisors.