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Kansas SNAP-Ed

Eating Healthy on a Budget

A SNAP Cookbook:  Good and Cheap (pdf)

Basic Foods for Cupboard, Fridge and Freezer: Create Your Own List!

Eating Healthy on a Budget

Eating Better on a Budget (pdf)

Spend Smart. Eat Smart

Stretching Your Food Dollars

Tasty Recipes on Your Budget

The 3 P's - Plan, Purchase and Prepare Food on a Budget (pdf)

Fruits and Vegetables

SNAP logo and url

Kansas Department for Children and Families

feeding america logo with link to website

What a helpful app!

WIC Shopper App link

Check out this facebook page


MyPlate and url to ChooseMyPlate.gov

MyPlate Kids Place

MyPlate on Pinterest

 app offers valuable storage advice about more than 400 food and beverage items