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Build a Better Sandwich

Calcium - What's in it for You?

Choose MORE HEALTH for Your Money

DIY Lunch Kits Using MyPlate

Eating Healthy Saves You Money

Eat Right with Color

Eat Smart to Work Hard

Enjoy a Rainbow of Flavors Everyday

Family Gardening

Six lessons featuring "Healthy Bodies, Healthy Gardens," "What are Whole Grains?," "Fruits & Vegetables: More Matters," "Introducing the Seed," "Dig In!," and "Spring Planting" are designed with a family gardening approach.

Gardening increases physical activity, allows families to spend positive time together and teaches participants how to grow their own food.

Family Gardening Curriculum (pdf) 

Recipes (pdf)

Fruit and Veggie Clue Cards (pdf)

Vegetable Garden Planting Guide (pdf)

Other Resources:


Finger Foods for Safe & Healthy Kids (2012)

Fix a SAFE Holiday Feast

Food Wasted = Money Lost

Fuel Up to Play

Nutrition Tip Sheets from USDA with FNP Messages

choose MyPlate (10 tips to a great plate) (pdf)

add more vegetables to your day (pdf) (10 tips to help you eat more vegetables)

focus on fruits (pdf) (10 tips to help you eat more fruits)

make half your grains whole (pdf) (10 tips to help you eat whole grains)

got your dairy today? (pdf) (10 tips to help you eat and drink more fat-free or low-fat dairy foods)

with protein foods, variety is key (pdf) (10 tips for choosing protein)

build a healthy meal (pdf) (10 tips for healthy meals)

healthy eating for vegetarians (pdf) (10 tips for vegetarians)

smart shopping for veggies and fruits (pdf) (10 tips for affordable vegetables and fruits)

liven up your meals with vegetables and fruits (pdf) (10 tips to improve your meals with vegetables and fruits)

kid-friendly veggies and fruits (pdf) (10 tips for making healthy foods more fun for children)

be a healthy role model for children (pdf) (10 tips for setting good examples)

cut back on your kid's sweet treats (pdf) (10 tips to decrease added sugars)

salt and sodium (pdf) (10 tips to help you cut back)

Gluten and Your Gut's Good Health

Go, Slow, Whoa (2012)

Guiding Your Picky Eater

Healthy Holiday Dinner

Healthy Oils - we can't live without them

Keep Food Safe

Check back soon.

Make Mealtime Family Time

Moove to 1% lowfat or fat free milk


MyPlate Core Messages

MyPlate for Children

MyPlate for Pregnancy

All About Pregnancy
Your Changing Body
MyPlate for Pregnancy
Your Guide to Grocery Shopping
Safe Food...Healthy Baby
Noble Nutrients
Lifestyle for a Healthy Pregnancy
Feeding Your Newborn

NEW! Nutrition Facts Label

Plan to Save

Portion Distortion

Avoid Portion Distortion (pdf) (PDF)

Portion Distortion Slideshows (National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute)

Safe Outdoor Fun Food

Seasoning with Spices and Herbs

Seasoning with Spices (pdf)

Seasoning with Herbs (pdf)

Seasoning with Spices and Herbs (pdf)

Culinary Herbs - Preparing and Using (pdf)

Culinary Herbs - Growing and Harvesting (pdf)


Have a slow cooker with rice at the class and let participants flavor small individual bowls of rice with cinnamon, basil, nutmet, etc. You could also send home baggies with different spices.

Sensible Snacks

Shake the Salt Habit

Shop for Folate

Small Changes...Make Wishes Come True

Soup for all Seasons

Sugar...It All Adds Up!

The Family Shapes a Child's Healthy Weight - Available in Spanish

The Way to Wash Hands

Vary Your Protein Sources

Vitamin D and Your Health

Waist and Wallet Wise

Water! The Clear Choice

Water! The Clear Choice (pdf) (Spanish)

Liquid Assets: The Value of Fluids to Your Health (pdf) (Leader's Guide - MF-2738)

Liquid Assets: The Value of Fluids to Your Health (pdf) (Fact Sheet - MF-2739)

Rapid Response Center Newsletter (pdf) (Karen Blakeslee)

Pour Good Health into Your Child: Serve Water (pdf) (Spanish)

Washington State Dairy Council Nutrition Education Resources

Think Your Drink! Poster (Grade 4-Adult)

Think Your Drink

We Gotta Have Iron

Whole Grain Goodness