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SNAP-Ed - The Kansas Family Nutrition Program

Sandra Procter
Ph.D., R.D., L.D.
Assistant Professor
Extension Specialist
Coordinator, EFNEP/FNP

Extension Human Nutrition
Department of Human Nutrition
204 Justin Hall
Kansas State University
Manhattan, KS 66506

785-532-1678 fax

Graphics Lab Materials

To order displays, handouts or other supplies, email fnpgrafx@ksu.edu

Breakfast is Smart -Available in Spanish

Breakfast is Smart display picture


Breakfast is Smart! (PDF)

Eat Breakfast (PDF)

Eat Breakfast - Wisconsin (PDF)

Be an All Star (Answer Sheet) (USDA Power Panther PDF)

Balance Your Day with Food and Play (USDA Power Panther PDF)

Power Up With Breakfast (USDA Power Panther PDF)

Grab Quick & Easy Snacks (USDA Power Panther PDF)

Move More. Sit Less. (USDA Power Panther PDF)


Choose Breastfeeding display picture


Tips for Breastfeeding Moms (Spanish) (PDF)

Handle with Care: Guidelines for Safe Storage and Use of Mother's Milk - Rutgers (PDF)

An Easy Guide to Breastfeeding - U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office of Women's Health (PDF)

An Easy Guide to Breastfeeding for African American Women - U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office of Women's Health (PDF)

An Easy Guide to Breastfeeding for American Indian and Alaska Native Families - U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office of Women's Health (PDF)

Energy Drinks and Vitamin Water Products (PDF)


Build a Better Sandwich - Revised and available in Spanish (2011)

Calcium - What's in it for You? - Revised and available in Spanish (2010)

Choose MORE HEALTH for Your Money - Available in Spanish (2010)

Eagle Series Books (BIB) (2010)

Eagle Series Books (BIB) (2010)

Eat Healthy to be Healthy

Display no longer being printed. Email for handouts.

Eating Healthy Saves You Money


Eat Right with Color - Available in Spanish

Eat Smart to Work Hard

Enjoy a Rainbow of Flavor display picture


Enjoy a Rainbow of Flavors Everyday - Available in Spanish

Family Gardening (2012)

Family Gardening display picture

Six lessons featuring "Healthy Bodies, Healthy Gardens," "What are Whole Grains?," "Fruits & Vegetables: More Matters," "Introducing the Seed," "Dig In!," and "Spring Planting" are designed with a family gardening approach.

Gardening increases physical activity, allows families to spend positive time together and teaches participants how to grow their own food. The curriculum includes full-color laminated visual pieces, a ruler, dry erase marker, eraser. Curriculum lessons are contained within a three-ring notebook.


Family Gardening Curriculum (Portfolio view) (PDF)

Recipes (PDF)

Fruit and Veggie Clue Cards (PDF)

Vegetable Garden Planting Guide (PDF)

Family Gardening Journals - order the number you will need

Wooden rulers - order the number you will need

Other Resources:

Fiber - Available in Spanish

Finger Food for Safe & Healthy Kids (2012)

Fuel Up to Play

Fuel Up to Play display picture


Nutrition Tip Sheets from USDA with FNP Messages (PDFs)

- choose MyPlate (10 tips to a great plate)

- add more vegetables to your day (10 tips to help you eat more vegetables)

- focus on fruits (10 tips to help you eat more fruits)

- make half your grains whole (10 tips to help you eat whole grains)

- got your dairy today? (10 tips to help you eat and drink more fat-free or low-fat dairy foods)

- with protein foods, variety is key (10 tips for choosing protein)

- build a healthy meal (10 tips for healthy meals)

- healthy eating for vegetarians (10 tips for vegetarians)

- smart shopping for veggies and fruits (10 tips for affordable vegetables and fruits)

- liven up your meals with vegetables and fruits (10 tips to improve your meals with vegetables and fruits)

- kid-friendly veggies and fruits (10 tips for making healthy foods more fun for children)

- be a healthy role model for children (10 tips for setting good examples)

- cut back on your kid's sweet treats (10 tips to decrease added sugars)

- salt and sodium (10 tips to help you cut back)

FNP Letters with FNS Core Nutrition Messages (PDFs)

- Preschool

- Elementary

- Hey Kids! (newsletter for 8-10 years old)

Go, Slow, Whoa (2012)

Go Slow Whoa display picture


Guiding Your Picky Eater - Available in Spanish

Healthy Bodies Come in All Sizes

Display no longer being printed. Email for handouts.

Healthy Oils - we can't live without them

Healthy Oils display picture


Keep Food Safe

Display no longer being printed. Email for handouts.

Let's Move and Play

Display no longer being printed. Email for handouts.

Meals Without Meat Can Be Complete

(Being Updated)

Mealtime Family Time

(Being Updated)

Moove to 1% lowfat or fat free milk


MyPlate display picture

Posters/Bulletin Boards:

Make Half Your Plate Fruits and Vegetables - kids poster

MyPlate Posters (14" x 18" and 18" x 24") - Available in Spanish

Alternate Poster (14"x14" or 18"x18") - Available in Spanish

Bulletin Board (13 pieces - fits 48"x36" board)

Full Page Bulletin Board (can be printed to size of board)

Turn MyPlate into MyLunch Tray

Packaged Materials: (no cost)

MyPlate (50 per tearpad) -Spanish printed on request

MyPlate Bookmarks (50 per package)

MyPlate Magnets (50 per package)

MyPlate Shopping List (50 per package)

MyPlate Stickers (4"x4" - 50 per package)

MyPlate Placemats (11"x17" - 50 per tearpad)

MyPlate "Plot Your Plate" Placemats (11"x17" front and back - 50 per tearpad)

MyPlate Folders (Spanish also)

MyPlate Pencils (144 per box in neon colors)

Pencil Pennants (100 per package)

MyPlate Weekly Recorder (8.5"x5.5" magnet with water soluble magnet pen)

Templates in Word for you to download and print or download and fill in your information:
Other Resources:

Choose MyPlate PowerPoint and online slideshow (NEP Nebraska)

Blast Off Game - online

Recipes for Healthy Kids

MyPlate 10 Tips in Bosnian (Missouri)

MyPlate Posters (Kansas Beef Council)

MyPlate and MyPyramid: Can they be used together? (Kansas Beef Council)

Videos with whole grain tips and information available

How to Cook With Budget Friendly Whole Grains

Whole Grains for Breakfast

Whole Grains at School

The Benefits of Whole Grains

Whole Grains for Healthy Family Meals

Got an idea for MyPlate materials? Email fnpgrafx your thoughts!

MyPlate Core Messages (2012)

MyPlate for Children

Nutrition Facts Label - Available in Spanish

Plan to Save - Available in Spanish

Plan-to-Save-display picture


Shopping List (order from Graphics Lab)

Plan to Save (b/w)

Plan to Save Envelope (order through Graphics Lab)


Portion Distortion - Available in Spanish

portion-distortion-display picture


Avoid Portion Distortion (PDF)

Portion Distortion Slideshows (National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute)

Safe Food for Outdoor Fun

Display no longer being printed. Email for handouts.

Seasoning with Spices and Herbs



Have a slow cooker with rice at the class and let participants flavor small individual bowls of rice with cinnamon, basil, nutmet, etc. You could also send home baggies with different spices.


Sensible Snacks

sensible-snacks-display picture


Sensible Snacks

101 Healthy Snacks (TJ Specialties Inc. bookmarks)

Good Snacks: Staying Healthy (TJ Specialties Inc. bookmarks)


Shake the Salt Habit - Available in Spanish

Shop for Folic Acid

Display no longer being printed. Email for handouts.

Small Changes...Make Wishes Come True - Available in Spanish

Snacks (children)

Display no longer being printed. Email for handouts.

Soup for all Seasons - Available in Spanish

Steps to a Safe Turkey

Sugar...It All Adds Up!

The Family Shapes a Child's Healthy Weight - Available in Spanish

The Way to Wash Hands

Display no longer being printed. Email for handouts.

Vary Your Protein Sources

Vitamin D and Your Health

Waist and Wallet Wise

Water! The Clear Choice (Optional Title: Liquid Assets) - Available in Spanish

We Gotta Have Iron - Available in Spanish

we-gotta-have-iron-display picture


we-gotta-have-iron-tabletop-display picture



Whole Grain Goodness - Available in Spanish