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Department of Food, Nutrition, Dietetics and Health

Admission Requirements

  1. Bachelor's degree (4-year or equivalent) from an accredited institution
  2. GRE score of 295, (verbal plus quantitative, New GRE) with a verbal of 146, or 1000 (verbal plus quantitative, Old GRE)
    • MCAT scores may be substituted for GRE scores.
  3. In rare cases, students with a GRE score of 290-294 (920-990 old scale) might be admitted provisionally, especially if they have a minimum GPA of 3.5 and/or relevant research, teaching, or work experience.
  4. Intermediate level nutrition course, Human Nutrition (FNDH 400) or its equivalent
  5. Intermediate level food science course, Science of Food (FNDH 413) or its equivalent

Provisional admission may be granted to exceptional applicants with unique abilities and aspirations who have subject deficiencies in undergraduate preparation or if there is uncertainty in evaluating the transcript.

Once received, applications are evaluated by the admissions committee. If the minimum requirements for admission are met, applications are reviewed by graduate faculty. A faculty member must agree to be an applicant's advisor before a recommendation can be made to the Graduate School that the applicant be admitted. The files of all applicants will be considered for institutional or departmental awards and graduate assistantships. Applications for admittance will be considered for fall and spring semesters, and the summer session.