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College of Human Ecology

Faces of Human Ecology

  • Carole Schwartz
  • Cherra Bliss
  • Andrew Kutina
  • Rae Anderson
  • Patience Ivy
  • Lee Wilbur
  • Emily Patten
  • John Ross Harmon
  • Nellie Kedzie
  • Shawn Sullivan
  • Katelyn Turner
  • Jennifer Haake
  • Marc Shaffer
  • Bryant Miller
  • Jane Butel
  • Ebony Paul
  • Emma Wilson
  • George Dilly
  • Mary Bell
  • Kenneth Fox
  • Sarah Thies
  • Mary Montgomery-Shatz
  • Tatyana El-Kour
  • Petros Levis
  • Cynthia Aries-Dowling
  • Elizabeth Purcell-Keith
  • Joshua Allen
  • Natnicha Bhumiratana
  • Alexa Menold
  • Kaitlyn Ellis
  • Matt Johnson
  • Cassandra Slaymaker
  • Janet Helm
  • Andrea Oltjen
  • Kaylee Wicke
  • Colby Teeman
  • Lynette Fraga
  • Ashley Schmelzle
  • Michaela Gleason
  • Sarah Webb
  • Zachary Stroth
  • Britta Carr
  • Kavitha Penugonda
  • Darcy Easley
  • Aaron Swank
  • Jami Dunbar
  • Mia Taylor
  • Cameron Brown
  • Shawn Bloom
  • Andrea Albright
  • Becky Hurd
  • Allison O'Rourke
  • Dimas Benitez
  • Kara Evans
  • Karla Hughes
  • George Nabeshima
  • Margaret Justin
  • Jake Frye
  • Jordan Matthews
  • Foster Kutner
  • Kelly Thomson
  • Alex Robison
  • Sara Kadolph
  • Rachel Bartelsmeyer
  • Myeesha Smith
  • Ellen Bodine
  • Jay Mancini
  • Ted Miller
  • Chandra Lasley
  • Kali Buchanan
  • Jennifer Morris
  • Emily Diederich
  • Abby Lillian Marlatt
  • Derek Lawson
  • Mariah Bausch
  • Svetlana Cotelea
  • Molly DeBusk
  • Dylan Splichal
  • Hayley Taylor

Fresh Faces

Jennifer Haake
Jennifer Haake

Jennifer Haake, a December graduate in FSHS, developed tremendous passion for the field when her five year old son was born with a cleft lip and palate. A hospital social worker helped guide her through the birth of her child with a craniofacial anomaly and advised her on treatment options. From that experience, she realized she wanted to be a person for individuals and families to rely on when life becomes complicated. She hopes earn a master's in social work with an emphasis in health. She was a Global campus student because her husband was in the military. She has been a volunteer with the Armed Services YMCA and the National Council on Family Relations.



Kelly Thomson
Kelly Thomson

Kelly Thomson, junior in nutritional sciences/pre-med with a minor in biology, hopes to become a physician upon graduating medical school and believes a nutritional background will help her counsel patients to develop healthy lifestyles. A member of the K-State women's basketball team, she has suffered two season-ending knee injuries. Finally back on the floor, she has a new sense of perseverance and confidence in her ability to overcome any obstacles life throws at her. Both on and off the court, K-State is a huge part of her story: "K-State has helped me to realize all of the potential that I have and the differences I can make in the world with my college degree."


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