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University General Education

Also see: Courses approved for UGE

The University General Education program strives to add breadth to the educational experience. It helps students widen their perspectives, explore the relationships between various subjects, and develop critical and analytical thinking skills.

The UGE courses are not designed to be taken in a single block at the beginning or ending of a student’s college career. They should be continuous and spread across the entire college career.

Effective Fall 1997, new students with no previously acquired Kansas State University or transfer credit will be required to meet University General Education expectations.

Minimum University General Education (UGE) requirements:

  • All students must meet UGE requirement of 18 credits in approved general education courses, six of which are upper division credits (300-level or higher).
  • Only courses taken at Kansas State University will be used to meet the UGE requirements.
  • To ensure breadth in the general education experience, each student must complete at least one approved UGE course in four of the following areas.
    • Quantitative studies (except MATH 100)
    • Economics
    • Social sciences
    • Humanities
    • Life sciences
    • Physical sciences
    • A course from a professional college
  • No course offered by the department/school in which a student is majoring can be applied to meet that student’s UGE requirements.
  • Students should consult with their academic advisers to assure that their choices of approved UGE courses meet the required distribution.

The Kansas Board of Regents defines basic skills courses as separate from university general education. K-State basic skills courses include Expository Writing courses, College Algebra, and Public Speaking. These courses will not fulfill general education requirements.

Accommodations for Transfer Credit

Any student whose acquired credit at Kansas State University or any other institution begins Fall 1997 or later will be obligated to meet University General Education expectations.

Students transferring credit from accredited two-year or four-year institutions are required to complete a minimum number of UGE credit hours at Kansas State University. The minimum number of UGE credit hours required is based upon total number of completed transfer credit hours accepted at Kansas State University.

Number of Completed Transfer Credit Hours Accepted at K-State Minimum Number of UGE Credit Hours to be taken at K-State
0-7 18 (in four or more areas)
8-29 12 (in four different areas)
30-44 9 (in three different areas)
45+ 6 (in two different areas)

Each student is required to complete a minimum of six credit hours of K-State upper division UGE courses (300-level or above) as specified in the program in which they will graduate.

Policy for Credit by Examination

Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate Programs (IB), College Level Examination Program (CLEP), and Defense Activity of Non-Traditional Education Support (DANTES) credits may be considered as transfer credits for purposes of the UGE policy for students transferring credit to K-State.

Policy for Curriculum Changes

Students changing curricula within K-State must satisfy the UGE requirements for the program in which they will graduate. Students entering a bachelor’s degree program after completing an associate degree at K-State are not considered to be transfer students, as far as the UGE requirements are concerned; these students must meet the UGE requirements for the curriculum they are entering.

Policy for Double Majors and Dual Degrees

A student must meet the UGE requirements for his/her primary degree/major. UGE requirements for additional degrees or majors are waived.

Policy for Study Abroad

Students who participate in study abroad programs approved by Kansas State University will meet upper division UGE requirements upon completion of either KSU study abroad coursework or transfer study abroad course credit accepted by KSU.

Number of Study Abroad Credit Hours UGE Requirements Met
3-6 3 UGE credits at 300-level
7+ 6 UGE credits at 300-level

For more information see University General Education.

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