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Department of Apparel, Textiles, and Interior Design

ATID Student Organizations

Apparel and Textiles

Apparel Marketing and Design Alliance (AMDA)

AMDA is an association that provides opportunities for undergraduate students in the apparel and textiles program to develop professional relationships in the field of apparel and textiles, and to participate in industry visits, manage a fashion show, and gain leadership experience through self-governance.

Interior Design

This organization is an association for students in the interior design program that organizes events that will enhance the students’ knowledge of the professions of Interior Design with guest speakers and trips to professional offices to visit with professionals.
American Society of Interior Design (ASID)
This organization is the Kansas State University Student Chapter of the ASID and provides opportunities for ASID Student Members to participate in networking opportunities, industry events, online resources, leadership opportunities, charity/volunteer opportunities, and a host of other opportunities sponsored by ASID.
International Interior Design Association (IIDA)
This organization the Kansas State University Student Campus Center of IIDA and provides opportunities for IIDA Student Members. It is a professional nonprofit networking association. This campus center provides opportunities for members to interact through organized events, take leadership roles, and work with local IIDA chapter leaders in the Mid America Chapter of IIDA.