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Department of Apparel, Textiles, and Interior Design

Ian Hartsook

Ian Hartsook

Evergreen Design-Build
Project Manager and Designer

Ian Hartsook, a May 2010 graduate, is a project manager and designer for Evergreen Design-Build in Emporia, Kansas. Evergreen specialized in commercial projects including corporate office, education, retail and hospitality spaces. Ian works with a team of design and construction specialists, and because Evergreen provides design-build services, Ian can employ his passion and talents throughout the entire process of project development and delivery.

In his position, Ian is responsible for assessing existing site conditions, preparing as-built and demolition drawings, developing solutions for remodel and working closely with architects, structural/civil engineers, mechanical and electrical engineers to make sure that all environmental and building systems are carefully coordinated. Ian enjoys how much he learns and experiences with projects in which he participates from start to finish.

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