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College of Human Ecology

College of
Human Ecology

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Assessment of Student Learning
in Undergraduate Programs

Note: Most of the resources below are provided in PDF format.

Apparel, Textiles, and Interior Design (ATID)

Apparel and Textiles (Bachelor of Science)
Interior Design (Bachelor of Science)

Hospitality Management (HM)

Hospitality Management (Bachelor of Science)

Food, Nutrition, Dietetics and Health (FNDH)

Family Studies and Human Services (FSHS)

Communication Sciences and Disorders (Bachelor of Science)
Conflict Analysis and Trauma Studies (Minor)
Conflict Resolution (Certificate)
Early Childhood Education (Bachelor of Science)
Family Studies and Human Services (Bachelor of Science)
Personal Financial Planning (Bachelor of Science)

Kinesiology (KINES)

Kinesiology (Bachelor of Science)

Human Ecology

General Human Ecology (Bachelor of Science)