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College of Human Ecology

Distinguished Research Award

The Distinguished Research Award recognizes a Human Ecology graduate's significant contributions to humanity, K-State and his or her profession through research. To be considered for this award, the recipient must have demonstrated significant achievements in research in his or her chosen area. Recipients also make contributions to professional organizations and/or related professions and have demonstrated support of K-State and the College of Human Ecology.

2017 Recipient: Barbara Stoecker

Barbara StoeckerBarbara Stoecker is a Regents Professor in nutritional sciences and Marilynn Thoma Chair in human sciences at Oklahoma State University. A Kansas native, Stoecker is a third-generation Home Economics Education major at K-State. Following her graduation, Stoecker participated in the International Farm Youth Exchange (IFYE) program as a delegate from Kansas to Jamaica. She began her Ph.D. in Nutrition at Iowa State University where she met her husband, Art, also a K-State graduate.

After completing her Ph.D. work, Stoecker and her husband moved to Thailand where she joined the National Nutrition Institute, then based in the Department of Pediatrics at Ramathibodi Hospital. She joined on-going projects on Vitamin A needs in preschool children and was mentored on malnutrition issues in children. Stoecker and her husband spent several years teaching at Texas Tech University before moving closer to home at Oklahoma State. She served as the Department Head for Nutritional Sciences for ten years where she assisted in the development of curriculum for nutrition programs and advised students in Ethiopia. The success of her work on micronutrient requirements allowed her to advise on the Institute of Medicine's panel to establish the Recommended Dietary Intakes for Micronutrients. In 2001, Stoecker was awarded the Kansas State College of Human Ecology's Distinguished Service Award. She was initiated into the Oklahoma Higher Education Hall of Fame in 2016.

Past Recipients

  • 2017: Barbara Stoecker
  • 2011: Sara Kadolph
  • 2010: Janice R. Hermann
  • 2009: Sharon Nickols
  • 2008: Jay Mancini
  • 2007: Mary Gregoire
  • 2006: Patricia Kendall
  • 2005: Mary Littrell
  • 2004: Bahram Arjmandi
  • 2003: Sandria Godwin
  • 2003: Patricia Crews
  • 2002: Esther Myers