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Center on Aging

Center on Aging
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Gerontology Student Ambassadors


Gerontology ambassadors represent the Gerontology program by recruiting new students throughout the year, networking with students, faculty, alumni and business professionals. Ambassadors assist with the "Majors, Minors and More" fair, the annual "Amazing Careers in Aging Race," Open House activities, as well as participating in other student events. Ambassadors may be asked to meet with student groups or to give a short presentation in a class about the secondary major in gerontology. To schedule an ambassador to speak please contact the Center on Aging at gerontology@k-state.edu.

How do I become an Ambassador?

To become a gerontology ambassador, you must first declare the secondary major in gerontology.

Students who have a genuine interest in gerontology and interacting and networking with other students, faculty and professionals in the community are encouraged to apply for an ambassador position. Ambassador applications are accepted in February/March and notified about selection in April for the following academic year.


Congratulations to our new ambassadors for 2017-2018!

Sarah McConnellSarah McConnell

Major: Life Sciences, Pre-Med
Year: Junior

I chose to become a Gerontology Ambassador because I wanted to share my love of K-State's Gerontology Program with as many people as I could! There are so many misconceptions on aging, and the best way to learn the truth is by taking some really applicable, interesting, and exciting classes.

One of the best advantages of taking Gerontology coursework is how immediately applicable the information is. I hope to inspire other students to consider Gerontology by sharing the value it has added to my potential career options and my own perspective on life. 

Mallory WilhiteMallory Wilhite

Major: Family Studies, Pre-Occupational Therapy
Year: Junior

My passion for working with the aging population was discovered when I volunteered at a nursing home in high school. I found that most of my best friends were over the age of 70. These friendships inspired me to pursue a career where I could continue to help them. I want to be able to spread my passion for older adults to my peers.

It is so important for young people to have a background in the aging process because with the ever growing aging population, we are going to be working with them in our professions. We are the future professionals. It will be our job to have the knowledge of how to communicate and give treatment effectively, thus improving the quality of life for our elder generation. More importantly, if we are more informed of the aging process, then maybe our society will not dread growing older, but embrace it instead.

Megan Ochoa

Major: Nutrition & Health, Pre-Occupational Therapy
Year:  Junior

I discovered my passion for gerontology after taking the Intro to Gerontology course at K-State. This class introduced me to all of the wonderful opportunities gerontology has to offer. I enjoy hearing about the stories, discoveries, and experiences older adults share with me. Gerontology allowed me to see the importance of learning about older adults and what we can do to not only increase longevity, but to increase the quality of our lives. 

I have enjoyed learning and engaging in various opportunities through my classes and major. As an ambassador, I would like to share my experience and motivate other students to become excited about this field. We will all become older adults one day and to be knowledgable and understanding of gerontology will be essential!

Cameron Jackson

Kinesiology & Pre-Physical Therapy
Year:  Senior

Desiree Schippers

Major:  English, Pre-Physician Assistant
Year:   Sophomore