Personhood & Dementia

2014 Workshop

Lauren Kessler, author of "Dancing with Rose: Finding Life in the Land of Alzheimer's," and Dave Roth, a musician and lobbyist for the Alzheimer's Association, presented a day-long workshop on Personhood and Dementia on Thursday, April 24, at the K-State Alumni Center.

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Lauren Kessler

Dave Roth

From the Director

"We are doing this workshop because we have recognized the high demands placed on formal and informal caregivers of persons with dementia. Recent practice has shown the benefits of the arts for persons with cognitive loss. Because medical advances have helped people to live longer, more and more of us will be afflicted with these problems. It is important for us to find solutions that focus on quality of life for this population."

— Gayle Doll, Director
K-State Center on Aging

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