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Center on Aging

Gerontology Course Schedule - Spring 2018

Courses listed on this page will count toward the Secondary Major in Gerontology. You will find a link to the appropriate page in the university course catalog for each section/department.  For more information about gerontology at K-State, please review our gerontology studies options and/or contact the Center on Aging at 785-532-5945 or gerontology@k-state.edu. Students intending to complete the Secondary Major in Gerontology or the Long-Term Care Administration Program must contact the gerontology advisor to officially declare this option. For more information about careers in the field of gerontology, to schedule an advising appointment or to review your progress toward completing the secondary major please contact Pam Evans or stop by our office in 253 Justin Hall.  Students on the K-State Salina campus may contact Stephanie Gfeller or Pam Evans for information.

Please note that an internship within the student's primary major may be used as a 3 credit hour elective for the Secondary Major in Gerontology if the placement is in an aging-related organization and with prior approval of the gerontology advisor. Contact Pam Evans for more information.

K-State Manhattan Campus


If permission to enroll in a GERON class is required, please contact the gerontology advisor instead of the instructor.

  • GERON 315-A  Introduction to Gerontology (3)
  • GERON 315-ZA  Introduction to Gerontology (3)
  • GERON 315-ZB  Introduction to Gerontology (3)
  • GERON 400-ZA  Biogerontology (3) -- evening
  • GERON 504-ZA  Strengthening Staff in Long Term Care (1) -- online
  • GERON 505-ZA  Dining in Long Term Care (1) -- online
  • GERON 506-ZA  Activities in Long Term Care (1) -- online
  • GERON 600-A   Seminar in Gerontology (3) -- evening
  • GERON 600-Z  Seminar in Gerontology (3) -- online
  • GERON 605-A  Practicum in Gerontology (1-3) -- permission to enroll required
  • GERON 615-ZA  Long Term Care Administration Internship (9) -- permission to enroll required
  • GERON 620-A  Problems in Gerontology (1-3) -- permission to enroll required
  • ENGL 450-A Topics:  Literature of Aging
Family Studies & Human Services
  • FSHS 300-ZB  Problems: Families, Health & Illness (3)-- January Intersession -- Online -- Other sections of FSHS 300 will not count for gerontology
  • HDFS 510-ZA  Human Development & Aging (3) -- evening
  • HDFS 510-ZB  Human Development & Aging (3) -- online
Food, Nutrition, Dietetics & Health
  • FNDH 132-A  Basic Nutrition (3)
  • FNDH 132-B  Basic Nutrition (3)
  • FNDH 132-ZA  Basic Nutrition (3) -- distance
  • FNDH 400-A  Human Nutrition (3)
  • FNDH 400-ZA  Human Nutrition (3) -- distance
  • FNDH 510-A  Life Span Nutrition (3)
  • FNDH 720-A  Administration of Health Care Organizations (3)
  • HIST 520-A  Death & Dying in History (3)
  • HIST 530-A  Social History of Medicine (3)
  • KIN 335-A  Physiology of Exercise (4)
Music, Theatre and Dance
  • THTRE 664-A  Creative Drama (3)
  • THTRE 665-A  Drama Therapy with Special Populations (3)
  • PHILO 365-A  Medical Ethics (3)
  • PHILO 365-B  Medical Ethics (3)
Psychological Sciences
  • PSYCH 518-A  Intro to Health Psychology (3)
  • PSYCH 518-ZA  Intro to Health Psychology (3) -- evening, March 12 through May 2, 2018
  • PSYCH 520-ZA  Lifespan Personality Development (3) -- online
  • PSYCH 715-A  Psychology of Aging (3)
Sociology, Anthropology & Social Work
  • SOCWK 320-ZA  Dynamics of Working with Older Adults (3) -- online

Kansas State University Polytechnic (Salina)

Please note that KSU Polytechnic students may enroll in any of the online gerontology courses offered through the KSU Manhattan campus.