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Center on Aging

Undergraduate Studies

The Center on Aging coordinates and provides multi-disciplinary education on aging issues for undergraduates. The center prepares professionals to serve older adults and an aging society. Through many events and activities, the center develops and provides opportunities for participation in formal and informal educational programs by older adults.Through the undergraduate Secondary Major in Gerontology, students can add an emphasis or specialization in aging to their primary course of study. Many students find that adding this additional credential will give them an edge not only in the job market, but in their career with a better understanding of the aging population and how they affect and interact with other age groups in our society.

Another option for students is to pursue their Emphasis in Long Term Care Administration. Students in this program will complete the requirements to apply for Kansas licensing as an Adult Care Home Administrator. Students can pursue a primary major in whatever they wish, or the Center on Aging advisor can provide some guidance to a major that will be a good fit with this career option.  The Center on Aging can answer questions about licensing in Kansas and in other states.

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